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Kyrgyzstani Abdyrayimov wins silver at World Wushu Championships


Kyrgyzstan’s Kuan Abdyrayimov won silver medal at the World Wushu Championships, this is indicated on the competition website.

The tournament was held on Oct.17-24 in Shanghai, China.

Kyrgyzstani performed in the weight category over 90 kg. He defeated Omar Noori from Afghanistan, German representative Jacob Lents. In the final, Abdyrayimov lost to Lebanese Michel Zammar and took the second place.

Wushu or Chinese Kungfu, is a hard and soft and complete martial art, as well as a full-contact sport. It has a long history in reference to Chinese martial arts.

It was developed in 1949 in an effort to standardize the practice of traditional Chinese martial arts, yet attempts to structure the various decentralized martial arts traditions date back earlier.

Source: Kyrgyz National News Agency