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During the epidemiological rise of the influenza season, SARS and COVID-19, the Ministry of Health of Kyrgyzstan is increasing the rate of vaccination of the population with booster doses, the Republican Headquarters for Combatting COVID-19 said.


The doctors explained that booster doses of the vaccine can be received by all citizens of the republic who received a full course of vaccination (1.2 doses) 4-6 months earlier.


Booster doses can be obtained with vaccines approved for use in Kyrgyzstan. Today, the country has enough Sinopharm and Pfizer BioNTech vaccines, the headquarters added.


In order to as many people as possible to protect themselves from hospitalization and death as a result of COVID-19, the Ministry of Health has decided to give the second booster dose to everyone.


It is noted that the 4th dose is recommended for people with chronic diseases and people aged 60+.




Source: Kyrgyz National News Agency