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The Council of the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) decided to provide a tariff privilege in the form of duty-free import of raw cane sugar in the period up to December 31, 2023. Press service of the EEC reported.

The duty-free import quota for Belarus is 100,000 tons, Kazakhstan — 350,000 tons, Kyrgyzstan — 50,000 tons and Russia — 100,000 tons.

«The decision was made taking into account the indicative balances of the EAEU member states for sugar for 2023. The approved tariff privilege is aimed at developing the domestic production of the sugar industry and providing the enterprises of the Union countries with raw materials,» Andrey Slepnev, Minister for Trade of the EEC, said.

He also clarified that it was planned to return to this issue in the fall, taking into account the possibilities for mutual meeting of demand for sugar by the EAEU member states.

The decision will enter into force after 10 calendar days from the date of its official publication.

Source: News Agency

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