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Kulyash Shamshidinova: Most important task is to resolve issues of emergency schools and three-shift education


The minister stressed that one of the important issues of the education system is the development of infrastructure.

In the next three years, 190 schools will be built. The most important task is to solve problems with three-shift schools, schools that are located in emergency buildings and to solve the shortage of student places, the minister said.

Shamshidinova also reported on the development of the education system in view of the new requirements of the changing labor market. Of the 14 thousand working subject teachers in chemistry, biology, computer science and physics, 11 thousand teachers have already completed English language courses. This this training will be completed in 2019.

Starting from 2020, the funds planned for teaching English to teachers will be used for other educational purposes, and the training of subject specialists in English will be carried out only in pedagogical universities, the minister informed.

Speaking about improving the quality of secondary education, the Minister of Education and Science Kulyash Shamshidinova reported that the draft law On the Status of a Teacher was discussed with deputies and the pedagogical community, and as a result the bill was again revised to reflect the comments made and suggestions made. In August 2019 it will be submitted to the Majilis Parliament of Kazakhstan.

Responding to questions from media representatives, Shamshidinova noted that the issues of teachers’ retirement age are considered by the pension legislation of the country. The teaching belongs to the category of civil servants, therefore it will be considered together with everyone.

We are raising the issue of retirement from a different angle. If a person graduated from a pedagogical university and immediately went to work at a school and worked without a break in school, then upon retirement, the years of study at a pedagogical university are counted as total length of service, said Shamshidinova.

So, in the pension legislation today changes are made in three areas. First, a single concept of teacher is introduced.

Previously, there was a pedagogical worker and a worker equated to a teacher. We are now introducing a single concept, where everyone will have equal rights. That is, we will need additional funds to implement this standard. Because the teacher rests 56 calendar days, the counselor � 42 calendar days. His (approx. Labor leave) should be brought up to 56 days, said Shamshidinova.

The second point � the protection of the rights of teachers � is considered in three positions: non-interference in the professional activities of the teacher, protection of honor and dignity, and not to involve teachers without their consent in activities that they do not need professionally.

We do not just include in the law, we include in the Code On Administrative Offenses. There we set specific norms: the first is a warning, then � penalties. We consider it at the same level as it is provided for other categories, the minister stressed.

Regarding the responsibility of parents for teaching children, the Vice Minister of Education Elmira Sukhanberdiyeva said that the legislation stipulates that parents are responsible for not attending school.

If a child does not attend school for a certain number of days, then these cases are considered on the commission on juvenile affairs. Further, the prosecutor’s office of the case is transferred to the court to determine the responsibility of parents, fines of 3 MCI and above may be imposed. In the Ministry of Education and Science, all these cases and the number of such families are under special control, the vice minister stressed.

During the press conference, issues of higher education were also raised. Minister Shamshidinova noted that the state order is based on the need for personnel provided by the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Population.

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan