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KTZ presented aspirational systems of fire detection

by August 23, 2017 Fun

Supersensitive smoke aspiration systems can detect smoke particles at an early stage of the fire. This gives a tangible advantage over time, which is very important in the event of the fire.

“Taking into account the risk of fire at enterprises that use electrical equipment, switchgears, engine rooms of locomotives with electric and diesel engines, as well as in rolling stock, the use of modern fire protection systems is of particular relevance for the railway sector”, KTZ noted.

According to Batyr Kotyrev, a chief engineer of “KTZ”, the comprehensive protection against fires, as well as modern methods of their extinguishing, are key factors in the accident-free operation of railway transport facilities.

“Fire safety on the railway requires special attention because it is directly related to the safety of people and the safety of the goods transported”, he said.

During the presentation, features of automatic gas fire extinguishing systems presented by the certified domestic manufacturer of security systems in the country market – KONSEL company were considered.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050