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Saturday, September 18th, 2021

KTZ implements the monitoring by compliance norms of labor legislation

by January 14, 2017 Health

Ye. Imashev stressed the importance of personnel work, compliance with labor legislation to protect the rights of employees in making labor relations.

The Vice-President stressed the need for timely decisions of issues concerning the rights of workers on a linear level and regular monitoring of the activities of the enterprises to reduce labor law violations.

Ye. Imashev instructed in this regard, the heads of branches and subsidiaries to increase awareness in the workforce for structural and personnel changes carried out in the framework of the ongoing transformation Program.

Vice-President focused on the work to improve the quality of the Company’s personnel, formation of personnel reserve, the execution of the production program for the training of employees.

The first heads of branches and subsidiaries entrusted to strengthen control over the execution of the production program of the learning centers.

In the meeting participated and delivered a speech the Corporate Ombudsman of JSC “NC “KTZ” Beibut Zhusupov, who informed about the work status of heads of branches and subsidiaries of JSC “JSC “NC “KTZ” to ensure the legitimate rights and interests of employees and customers of Companies. Special attention is paid to the need to increase the demands on the leaders of economic entities in the light of the provisions of the new Labor Code and the strengthening of their disciplinary and material liability in this matter.

Source: Kazkhstan 2050