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KTZ establishes cooperation with foreign colleagues

by June 20, 2017 World Sports

According to information of “NC “Kazakhstan Temir Zholy” JSC, during a meeting with Executive Vice President of Cosco Shipping Co. Ltd. Ye Weilong and the President of “Port Lianyungang” the results of the space bridge “Kazakhstan and China – Transit Bridge of Eurasia” were discussed, the measures on joint development of the work of “China-Kazakhstan International Logistics Company Lianyungang” and “KTZ – Khorgos Gateway”.

K. Alpysbayev noted the role of FEZ “Khorgos-Eastern Gate” as an important part of the architecture of global logistics services provided by COSCO Shipping.

The proposal of the Kazakh side to develop a joint work plan to increase the flow of cargo through the port of Lianyungang and the Dry Port of the FEZ was also discussed.

At the talks with Chen Zhongwei, the head of the administration and transitions of the People’s Government of Chengdu (PRC), with the participation of the heads of the railway administrations of Azerbaijan and Georgia D. Gurbanov and M. Bakhtadze, the issues of joint development of container transportation to Europe, Central Asia, Iran and Turkey were considered.

To date, regular trains to Europe depart from Chengdu (Lodz, Nuremberg, Tilburg). For 4 months of 2017, Chengdu-Europe-Chengdu carried 241 trains, while in the same period last year there were 45 trains.

The Chairman of “KTZ” also met with Vice President of the Iranian Railway Administration E. Mohammadi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of “COALCO Development” V. Draganov and President of IRISL Company M. Saeedi.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050