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Saturday, October 16th, 2021

KTZ: Container traffic in Asia – Europe increased 100-fold over 5 years

by November 1, 2016 General

“The company is currently implementing projects on modernization of transport and logistics infrastructure. The construction of the railway line Borzhakty – Yersai, “Dry Port”, the infrastructure on the territory of “Khorgos – Eastern Gate”, the expansion of the Aktau port in the northern direction”, – he said.

K. Alpysbayev reported that by the end of this year, it is planned to commission the first starting complexes at the Kuryk port and railway line Almaty-Shu.

Head of KTZ also focused on measures for the development of transport and logistics services, and integration into the international transport corridors.

“Since 2011, the service of high-speed container trains has been established. In 2016, the volume of container traffic in the direction of Asia-Europe exceeded the level of 2011 100 times. Volumes of container traffic will be brought to 1.7 million by 2020 in three key areas: China – Europe, China – Caucasus – Turkey and Kazakhstan – Turkmenistan – Iran”, – K. Alpysbayev noted.

The KTZ head also informed on the measures to create favorable conditions for the development of transit corridors, simplification of administrative procedures, the air cargo.

“There is a Coordinating Committee for the development of the Trans-Caspian international transport route, Combined transport and logistics company, the transit transport North-South corridor is being developed”, – he added.

In addition, K.Alpysbaev told about the company’s corporate strategy to increase the growth of transit, multimodal transport and logistics services. The growth of the segment is associated with the modernization of transport and logistics infrastructure, the development of new competencies and the integration of services into a single logistic services, acces

Source: Kazakhtan 2050