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Kozhamzharov: The number of “A” Corps posts will be reduced

by March 30, 2017 Market

The number of “A” Corps civil servants posts will be reduced. This was reported by the Chairman of the Agency for Civil Service Affairs and Anti-Corruption Kairat Kozhamzharov at the party hearings on the implementation of the civil service reform.

Initially, the A Corps enrolled 1204 people, now there are 127 people in reserve. That is, the rest are employed. I want to say that today 39 “A” Corps posts are vacant. What needs to be done, in our opinion? First of all, we are going to reduce the number of posts belonging to “A” Corps. We believe, and this is our general opinion, including the deputy corps, that A Corps must consist of people who make managerial and distributive decisions. Who are they? From today’s list � these are responsible secretaries, heads of central state and local executive authorities, chairmen of committees of central state bodies, regional Akims. All other posts we will eliminate and the coordinated draft Decree is out for signature of the Head of State, � K. Kozhamzharov said.

According to him, the right to enroll in the A Corps will be provided on the principle of career and meritocracy in the form which is laid down in the new Law on Public Service. The candidate for the position of committee chairman is, first of all, the deputy chairman of this committee of the given Ministry. That is, a contest will be announced with participation of at least three people from this category. If the required candidate is not selected, a general contest will be held among all state bodies, in which qualification requirements will be presented. Applicants who have passed the competition will appear before the members of the National Commission. In the case of passing the interview, one of them will be enlisted as the chairman of the committee. This also applies to regional Akims, deputy Akims, heads of administrations. Before, it was possible to enroll after passing the testing, three stages and by decision of the National Committee.

Source: Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan