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Konstitutsiya – Qazaqstan Khalqy B?rl?g?n?n Kep?l?” Campaign Has Been Started in the Capital

by November 22, 2016 Health

“Konstitutsiya – Qazaqstan Khalqy B?rl?g?n?n Kep?l?” campaign of Kazakhstan People’s Assembly has been started in the regional homes of friendship of the country. As a part of the mega-campaign, Astana has hosted a roundtable aimed at promoting Kazakhstani identity through the discussion of the country’s main law.

The roundtable discussion involved participation of professional and non-professional mediators, legal experts and representatives of ethno-cultural associations of the capital.

“The pursuit of the high ideals of democratic society, mutual respect and friendship among the peoples who live on the ancient Kazakhstani land, interpenetration of cultures � all these have been reflected in the Basic Law”, – said a professional mediator of “International Human Rights Protection Center” PA Fatima Akhmedova.

Source: Akimat of Astana