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Friday, September 18th, 2020


by November 20, 2019 Market

Today on World Children’s Day, Kazpost and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) has held a ceremony to start selling the stumps devoted to the 25th Convention on the Rights of the Child in Kazakhstan, Kazpost’s press service informs.

The stamp cancellation ceremony took place with the participation of UNICEF representative in Kazakhstan Arthur van Diesen, Chairman of the Board of Kazpost Saken Sarsenov and children of Kazpost’s employees.

The stamps’ design was based on various articles of the Convention on the Rights of the Child in order to draw attention to the issues of inclusion, the important role of the family and equal opportunities for every child by Kazakh artist Bagirov Aziz with the support of the Governor’s Office of the Saryarka district of Nur-Sultan and Public Foundation Children paint the world. The stumps also depict the embankment of the capital.

This initiative is launched under the Partnership Memorandum, which was signed by Kazpost and UNICEF in July this year, aimed at building a systematic work to promote the rights and improve the well-being of children in Kazakhstan, and includes long-term strategic goals to strengthen the role of business in promoting children’s rights.

Today is a historic day – the Convention on the Rights of the Child is turning 30 years. In Kazakhstan, this is a doubly historical event, because exactly 25 years have passed since the day the country signed the Convention on the Rights of the Child. I thank Kazpost for our cooperation and for the anniversary stamps. This is a great start and a harbinger of what successes in promoting children’s rights we will be able to achieve through joint efforts in the future. We hope that these postage stamps will serve as another reminder of our common duty – to give each child a happy childhood, UNICEF representative in Kazakhstan Arthur van Diesen said.

In his turn, head of Kazpost Saken Sarsenov spoke of the cooperation with UNICEF.

I am glad that Kazpost is now cooperating with UNICEF. We uphold the business principles of the best interests of children promoted by UNICEF. I am also glad that today the children of our employees are taking part in the ceremony. All the children of our customers, employees, partners, their rights and development should always be our priority.

Kazpost, as part of cooperation with UNICEF, carries out an information campaign on the main areas of UNICEF activities: protecting the rights of children, developing young children, adolescents and youth, safety and injury prevention, positive parenthood.

Source: Kazakhtan 2050