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Wednesday, November 25th, 2020

KazPost develops digital projects, boosts transit


Last year the company launched a franchise network of departments, digital offices, developed online services, boosted the delivery of periodicals by drones, with opening a bonded warehouse at the international center of cross-border cooperation Khorgos, developing transit postal deliveries from China to Europe and Central Asia, promoting e-commerce and a franchise network, as well as digital projects are of priority for 2019, Chairman of the Board of KazPost JSC, Saken Sarsenov, said at a press-conference at NWF Samruk-Kazyna.

In 2018, the company’s revenue made up 54 billion 500 million tenge, 11% up compared with year 2017, with its net gain totaling KZT272mln. The national postal operator sent and delivered 18 million 500 thousand parcels, of which 4.6 million parcels made up the domestic market. The last June launch of a partnership network of departments allowed to attract 160 entrepreneurs-franchisees for cooperation so far, who opened 200 sales points.

A new postal-accounting system was just launched so as to operatively sort out mail and reduce the delivery time, as well as to make tracking handy, Saken Sarsenov said.

According to him, this will make working with online shops much easier as better systems integration and data exchange will be possible. Once all processes are optimized the delivery time will be considerably reduced. In Kazakhstan, it will be 3 days.

KazPost company also focused on developing an online services hypermarket Individuals can pay 6000 various service providers, including condo, kindergartens, transport and social cards or any other services on the website, resulting in 620 thousand unique users so far, with 500-1000 new ones each day. 60 thousand clients of the national company use the website on a daily basis, including 21 thousand mobile users.

As of today, the company’s self-service mail delivery network includes 214 parcels supermarkets, 151 automated postal offices. 7 digital offices and 1 robot postal office run, which are new-generation departments. In 2018, the digital offices serviced over 22 400 people. In the same year, a total of over 763 thousand 524 Kazakh citizens were trained as part of the Digital Kazakhstan national programme’s implementation jointly with the Governor’s Offices.

The company also increased drone deliveries by 10, with 11 thousand kg of periodicals delivered in 2018. Thus, the total time spent by drones on delivering mail to remote villages was 460 hours, passing over 74 thousand kilometers. The project embraced 150 settlements in the Almaty, Zhambyl, Karaganda, Turkestan, Eastern Kazakhstan, Kostanay regions, with 20 drones with a load capacity of up to 4 kg each.

In the past year the company initiated the amended customs legislation on bonded warehousing company implying the opening of a bonded warehouse within the Khorgos international center of cross-border cooperation. It is planned that international mail will be in transit to the EU and Central Asian countries, reducing the delivery time to 4-5 days by air, and that to 7-12 days by motor transport to the EU.

The company will keep on training SMEs to the basics of e-commerce in its E-commerce Centers as over 1500 entrepreneurs planned to be trained. On top of that, there are plans to make use of an additional 80 commercial online platforms in addition to 57 Kazakh online shops that are under complex maintenance in fulfilment centers of KazPost, and to boost the storage capacity for further delivery in Kazakhstan and abroad.

The year 2019 should be remembered by Kazakh entrepreneurs as the year of the export procedures’ simplification. In the near future, we expect amendments to the legislation with respect to the use of the Universal Postal Union’s documents as a goods declaration in customs declarations. This will enable to come up with a simplified goods export service for legal entities. That is the entire dialogue of a client when registering export goods will begin and terminate in a postal department, and will take several minutes. And work to registrate exports in customs bodies will be carried out without the participation of a sender, Saken Sarsenov said.

KazPost company is a part of the national infrastructure of Kazakhstan. Being the national postal operator, the company provides universal postal services throughout the country, including cities and villages. It participates in the implementation of some national development programmes, and is a link in the global postal infrastructure, representing Kazakhstan in the Universal Postal Union, actively implements digital transformation projects in Kazakhstan and creates an ecosystem for e-commerce, boosts digitalization of SMEs and mail in transit through Kazakhstan. While running one of the largest branch networks in Kazakhstan, it strives to make the key services as much accessible as possible for the population in every settlement. KazPost is part of the NWF Samruk-Kazyna Group of companies.

Source: Kazakhtan 2050