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Kazakhstan’s youth entered the top 10 most educated countries

by January 14, 2019 Sports

According to Vouchercloud portal, Kazakhstan ranks 9th in terms of education level, ahead of Switzerland, the United States of America, Norway and Finland, reports with reference to Kazinform.

The developers of the rating write that our country “justifies all expectations” and hopes that Kazakhstan will become “a new intellectual nation”.

It should be noted that in the first five countries of the rating are Asian countries. According to the rating makers, this situation indicates that the global intellectual power is undergoing major changes. Over time, all of the new innovations will flow from the East, and the western ideas will end their domination.

The rating of the country’s youth education level is part of the portal’s research. Vouchercloud experts have used a lot of data to make 25 of the smartest countries in the world. Apart from the level of youth education, the Nobel Prize Laureates and the average IQ population are taken into account.

Vouchercloud experts estimate that despite the fact that the Nobel Prize winners from the United States have been numbered 368, Japan is one of the smartest countries in the ranking. Although there are only 26 Nobel laureates in this country, the IQ level of the population and the level of education of young people are high. Second place is shown to Switzerland. The third place is occupied by China, the second-highest IQ in the world. USA is in the fourth position. The top five ranked Netherlands, followed by Russia (6th place), Belgium (7th place), UK (8th place), Canada (9th place) and South Korea (10th place).

Source: Central Communications Service of the Ministry of Information and Communications of the Republic of Kazakhstan