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Saturday, September 19th, 2020

Kazakhstan’s Interior Ministry to study film series for propaganda of violence against women


The Ministry of Interior of Kazakhstan said it will study the film series (“Ne serial Not film series) to check for propaganda of violence against women, Sputnik Kazakhstan reported.

During the discussion of norms of the new draft law on fighting against domestic violence, journalists asked about the widely condemned episode of the film series aired on the HIT TV channel.

Kazakhstanis are condemning the episode, where a female teacher answered to her student, who asked why she was beaten by husband, that it happened at her fault.

“In any situations, a woman is next lower order than a man. If a woman shuts her mouse on time, then a family will live happily,” the teacher says.

In the film, students are admired with the teacher’s answer and applaud to her.

Acting Chairman of the administrative police of the Ministry of Interior Amantai Aubakirov said that the episode from the film series will be studied.

Source: Central Asian News Services