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Thursday, September 23rd, 2021

Kazakhstan’s best goods producers named in Astana

by December 6, 2016 General

Within the framework of the Day of Industrialization the winners of the national exhibition contest “The Best Goods of Kazakhstan” were named today.

In the nomination “Best Industrial Goods” the first-degree winner is JSC Zhambylgips (production of construction materials), the second degree diploma was awarded to Stolichnaya Steklopaketny Kompaniya LLP (production of double-glazed panes), the third degree diploma was awarded to “Almaty Paints” (production of paints).

In the nomination “Best Goods for Population” the award was given to Nazar Tekstil LLP from Southern Kazakhstan (production of carpets and carpets), DOSFARM LLP from Almaty (production of pharmaceutical medicines), Rumi-en LLP from Karaganda region (production hosiery items).

“Best Food Products” awards were given to the Balkhash Bakery Plant “Pulse” LLP from Karaganda region, Capital Projects LTD from Akmola region (production and processing of poultry meat, “Kurochka Ryaba” brand) , Vostok Moloko LLP from East Kazakhstan region (production of dairy products).

The competition was held according to the Presidential decree RK since 2006.

Source: Kazakhtan 2050