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Kazakhstan’s Army introduces positions of ideological officers and psychologists

by April 24, 2017 General

Positions of ideological officers and psychologists have been introduced in the army of Kazakhstan. This was reported by Minister of Defence Saken Zhasuzakov at the Government hour in the Majilis of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The positions of officers on ideological work and special propaganda have been introduced to counter ideology of religious extremism and terrorism, starting from the level of the brigade and above. To organize preventive work, improve the quality of professional and psychological selection of candidates for military service, we introduced the institution of psychologists. Now, starting from the levels of battalion, brigade and above, these positions have been introduced. Realizing that this issue is very serious, in any military situation the soldier is subject to stress, the work of psychologists is needed. Yes, there are certain moments on the qualitative composition; we are now trying to educate them through preparation courses on how to work in this direction, � Saken Zhasuzakov said.

According to him, recruitment offices have also introduced positions of psychologists, which during the selection for compulsory and contract service give their recommendations, so that the selection of servicemen is qualitative. Press services have been established by the regional troop commands and defense departments. The Ministry of Defence established a department of information and communication with its own press center. The newspaper “Sarbaz” and the magazine “Aibyn” are published, the Ministry’s Internet resource is working.

Source: Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan