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Kazakhstanis will teach how to fill in the declaration


The country will establish a contact center for tax and customs issues on the platform of the Unified Republican Contact Center Egov 1414.

We are working on the issue of the phased introduction of universal declaration. At the first stage, the declaration will be handed over by civil servants, their spouses and persons equated to them. The remaining categories of citizens will be covered by declaring at subsequent stages within 5 years, said the ViceMinister of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Ruslan Yesenbayev, in the Central Communications Service.

According to the viceminister, in a pilot version, residents of three villages of Osakarovsky district of Karaganda oblast have already passed the declaration.

According to the results of the pilot, the declaration form was optimized and the volume was reduced from 15 to 2 sheets. On the portal of “Electronic Government” ( in a test mode the service of filling in the electronic form of the declaration is implemented. Using this functionality, each person can check the relevance of their information about assets in their personal account on

In order to clarify the universal declaration, a single Contact Center on tax and customs issues was launched, which will work on the platform of the already wellknown number of the Single Republican Contact Center EGov 1414.

“During 2018, a great deal of work was done on updating the information of state bodies: during 2018, out of 5 million 100 thousand inaccurate information, about 99% of errors were corrected. tax deductions for large families, for medical services, for training, and for housing mortgage costs, the respective integrations are implemented, “said th Ruslan Yessenbayev work.

Source: Central Communications Service of the Ministry of Information and Communications of the Republic of Kazakhstan