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The main driver of the agriculture is the high-tech projects financed by KazAgro holding, reports.

According to the press service of KazAgro Holding, KazAgro Holding is financing projects with high added value since 2007. According to the results of 2018, there are 702 projects worth 524 billion tenge in the National holding portfolio. About 600 projects are successfully operating, while others are under construction.

By 2018, through the investment projects funded by the Holding, products worth 222 billion tenge were produced, and more than 19,000 jobs were created.

“Investment projects are characterized by high labor productivity, which amount to 2.2 mln. tenge. This is higher than the average, as in the general agricultural sector this indicator is equal to 1.9 million workers per worker. tenge. Working with high-tech projects is very important for us. Alongside with the improvement of the export potential, the projects will give a multiplicative effect, “said Yerbol Karashukeyev, the Chairman of the Board of the National Managing Holding” KazAgro “.

According to the current year, 29 poultry farms financed by the Holding will produce about one billion eggs and 165 thousand tons of poultry per year. 61 dairy farms produce 234 thousand tons of milk and dairy products per year. 52 greenhouses grow about 75 thousand tons of vegetables per year.

This year, KazAgro is expected to renew its record in terms of financing the agro-industrial sector in 2014. At that time KazAgro financed agribusiness entities for 459.7 billion tenge. Meanwhile, in 6 months of 2019, the volume of white funding exceeded 224 billion tenge. This is a half times more than the same period last year.

Source: Kazakhtan 2050