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Wednesday, October 21st, 2020

Kazakhstani COVID-19 vaccine enters clinical trials

by September 17, 2020 Health

Clinical trials of Kazakhstani QazCovid-in vaccine against the COVID-19 virus developed by the Scientific Research Institute for Biological Safety Problems have kicked off in Kazakhstan, Kazinform cites the Telegram channel of the Ministry of Education and Science.

It is informed that adult volunteers aged 18-50 years old will be involved in the clinical trials. Phase 1 trials will define the vaccine’s safety on 44 volunteers free of COVID-19 and antibodies. The 2nd phase is set to assess immunogenicity with the involvement of 22 volunteers.

A total of 688 applications have been submitted by citizens to take part in the clinical trials.

It is said that the vaccine’s clinical trials will be conducted at the Health Ministry’s National Scientific Center of Phthisiopulmonology and Сentre for Clinical Medicine and Resеarch LLP.


Source: Kazakhstan 2050