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Kazakhstani agricultural producers to increase export of livestock products

by May 26, 2017 Fun

Beksultan Elubayev, Vice-President of LLP Merke Yet from Zhambyl region, told about expansion of production in connection with the new status. According to him, the plant is ready to produce up to 10 thousand cans of canned meat products daily and up to 300-400 kg of sausage products under the brand “Halal”. More than 70 additional workplaces will be created.

Due to the status of the zone free from foot and mouth disease, the plant can increase the number of cattle on the feedlot to 3,000.

“Obtaining the status of a zone free from foot and mouth disease will allow us, agricultural producers, to make wider use of the export potential of livestock products” – B. Elubayev believes.

In turn, Chief Research Officer of the Scientific and Innovative Center for Livestock and Veterinary Medicine of the Ministry of Agriculture, Anuarbek Seytmuratov, said that thanks to the measures of state support for the agro-industrial complex, over the past 5 years, the Kazakh white-headed breed increased to 230,000.

“The Kazakh white-headed breed population is the largest out of 10 meat breeds bred in Kazakhstan. Now, after obtaining the status of a zone free from foot and mouth disease, the livestock producers will have an opportunity to make a worthy contribution to the development of meat export potential and receive the proper return for their painstaking work” � A. Seytmuratov is sure.

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan