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Kazakhstani agrarians increase the quality of grain crops

by May 30, 2017 General

The use of quality wheat seeds and fertilizers has doubled in Kazakhstan. This was reported by Deputy Minister of Agriculture Toleutai Rakhimbekov at a press conference in the Government press center.

According to the speaker, as wheat is the main export product, within the framework of the AIC Development State Program, the crop science envisages measures to increase the areas of sowing with quality seeds and increase the application of fertilizers.

We planned that by 2021 we will increase the areas sown with quality seeds twofold, from 3 to 6%, and applying fertilizers about 1.5 times from 10-11% to 16%. It must be said that the support mechanisms laid in the framework of the State Program worked. In the current year, the areas sown with quality seeds doubled, and the volumes of used fertilizers increased from 10 to 14%, which means that we are not far from reaching target indicators, � T. Rakhimbekov noted.

The Deputy Minister also said that agricultural producers began to procure more fertilizers � if last year 265 thousand tonnes of fertilizers were purchased, then 407 thousand tonnes were purchased in the current year. That is a twofold increase; this was facilitated by changes in subsidy mechanisms for the acquisition of fertilizers, � he stressed

Source: Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan