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Monday, November 30th, 2020

Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan agreed to strengthen relations in transport sphere


According to the press service of NC KTZ JC, the sides discussed the implementation of a flexible tariff policy, the increasing of the amounts of transportation of goods through the Transcaspian international transport route, the organization of container trains, and the delivering of the products of the train mechanical engineering made in Kazakhstan to Uzbekistan.

During the six months in 2017, the amount of transported goods between the RK and the RU through trains comprised 7554,4 thousand tons, which is by 4 % more comparing to the given period of the past year.

Besides, in the first half of the year 156 container trains went from China to Uzbekistan through the territory of Kazakhstan, while in the whole past year the number of container trains were 110.

The agreement on the timely provision of the transportations of fruit and vegetable products from Uzbekistan to Kazakhstan and Russia, as well as by the applications of the Central-Asian firm was reached.

During the negotiations, the organization of the goods’ transportations from Uzbekistan via the Kuryk harbor was discussed.

Besides, head of NC Kazakhstan Temir Zholy JSC Kanat Alpysbaev and chairman of Azerbaijan Railways CJSC Dzhavid Gurbanov discussed the matters on further partnership development in the railways sphere.

During the period from January to June, 2017, the amount of loads’ transportations between the RK and the RA comprised 1046,3 thousand tons, which is by 164 % more comparing to the given period of the past year. The increase was reached by the increase in the export transportations of oil products of Kazakhstan via the territory of Azerbaijan.

The import transportations increased by 100,5 thousand tons as well, mainly by such loads as meat, by-products, chemicals, household soda, confectioneries.

The transit transportations doubled (by 9,8 thousand tons).

During the meeting the sides had also discussed the matters on the realization of the mutual projects in the transport machine engineering sphere.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050