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Kazakhstan unemployment rate in is held at the level of 5% thanks to the state measures: B.Nurymbetov

by September 30, 2016 General

At the beginning of his speech, B. Nurymbetov noted that an important role in the realization of the idea of the Universal Society of Labor voiced by the Head of State in his programmatic article from 2012, plays the provision of employment.

The vice-minister said that the first 8 months, in the framework of ERM-2020, active measures to promote employment involves more than 111.9 thousand people, including 74.4 thousand (66.5%) are unemployed, 36 2 thousand people (32.4%.) are self-employed, 1 258 people (1.2%) are part-time employees. The share of young people under 29 years of age is 47.4%, the proportion of women – 45,1%.

According to the Ministry, on September 1, 2016, the regional comprehensive plan to promote employment reached more than 313 thousand people, including 279.8 thousand employed people, including permanent jobs 139.1 thousand people, 140, 7 thousand temporary jobs.

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan