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Kazakhstan, Turkey signed coop memorandum on VET

by December 6, 2016 Fun

The Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan and the Turkish International Cooperation and Development Agency for the Government of Turkey (TIKA) signed a memorandum on cooperation in the field of technical and vocational education in Astana.

Astana city06 December , 14:53

According to the Ministry of Education and Science, this document provides the continuation of the bilateral cooperation is developing in the framework of a memorandum signed in 2011. So, for 5 years about 400 Kazakhstani engineering-pedagogical workers of the VET system in the field of agronomy, veterinary medicine, cooking, sewing, hairdressing, design, construction, tourism, car repair, accounting, information technology and management skills have upgraded.

In 2014, in Astana on the basis of “Turan” college there was a joint scientific-practical conference “Information Technologies and Prospects”, which was attended by the representatives of 80 country’s colleges and T?KA.

Annually T?KA delegation (representatives of the Ministry, directors, deputy directors of educational institutions, teachers of special disciplines) comes to Kazakhstan to exchange experiences. In 2016 the Turkish colleagues have visited the educational institutions of Almaty and Astana cities, as well as Akmola, Almaty and South Kazakhstan regions.

In addition, the Ministry of Education pointed out that the annual T?KA sponsors help in the organization of the International Forum “Professional Education and Business: Dialogue of partners”.

This year, the winners of the National championship WorldSkills Kazakhstan (45 students, 15 teachers) have been presented certificates to the week-long trip to Turkey.

Source: Kazakhtan 2050