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Kazakhstan to produce coalbed methane for development of the coal

by January 24, 2017 Legal

According to Minister of Energy, a comprehensive project for the extraction of methane from coal seams is developed for today. Works are conducted to ensure the safety of mining operations due to the degassing of coal seams in the Karaganda coal basin and methane exploration in accordance with the contracts for subsoil use for pilot projects.

Ministry has the task to extract coalbed methane for industrial development, which will greatly improve the socio-economic situation in some regions of the country. Since the methane can be used to produce electricity for domestic purposes, as a fuel for motor vehicles, in metallurgy and chemical industries. Significant work will increase safety for the subsequent extraction of coal and the environmental benefits due to the reduction of methane emissions into the environment.

According to the head of department, changes in the Entrepreneurial Code of Kazakhstan, which remove restrictions on the production of coal bed methane, allow to include it in the list of priority activities, identified for the implementation of investment projects of priority and obtaining operating and investment tax preferences. In addition, the Action Plan for the organization of CBM exploration and production, approved by the Minister of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan from September 23, 2016, was updated.

Source: The Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan