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Saturday, January 16th, 2021

Kazakhstan to launch first junk car recycling plant in 6 months

by October 6, 2016 Legal

Earlier, it was reported that Kazakhstan delays the construction of the first junk car recycling plant. However, official information about the delay was not received. In this regard, A. Rau said that the plants will be launched in the near future.

“Everything is established. Currently, tendering procedures are held. According to the latest data, the first plant will be launched in six months,” said A. Rau.

According to him, Kazakhstan plans to launch at least three junk car recycling plants with capacity of about 10 to 15 cars per year. The plants will be located in close proximity to large cities of Kazakhstan, such as Astana, Karaganda, Almaty and Shymkent. In the future, if the business will be profitable, they plan to increase it.

“The receiving points will be located in each region, and then after the press they will be packed for transportation and sent to the factory for further disassembly. Our task is to get rid of recycled spare car parts and prevent secondary use. We are talking about road safety, if recycled spare car parts get on the secondary market,” A. Rau said.

According to A. Rau, Russia created barriers first when was defending itself from reducing customs duties at the entry into WTO. Kazakhstan introduced the same thing, only in accordance with the Environmental Code.

“The barriers are mutual. Russians compensate scrap, assemblage for their producers, when the realization comes to the domestic market. When the realization comes to the foreign market, they avoid payment. We will have about a similar scheme. We must also consider the issues of compensation to the external market. Everything is fine in domestic market. Domestic enterprises receive not compensation, but state support for the production of environmentally friendly cars. Therefore, we have synchronized actions,” A. Rau said.

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan