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Kazakhstan to introduce electronic customs declaration system

by September 30, 2016 Fun

“I would like to say that Kazakhstan definitely knows what kind of fiscal policy should be carried out and at what time. Of course, we clearly know their priorities, here we want to create a comfortable environment for customers, and for this to automate all of the processes,” he said.

D. Ergozhin noted that for the qualitative improvement of customs administration it is necessary to implement a number of measures.

Thus, according to him, the preliminary information and preliminary declaration represent two different, not interconnected processes.

“Preliminary declaration filed in the internal customs, will be available at the border. Accordingly, it will give the possibility that in the absence of identified risk management system (RMS) output of goods violations will produce at the border. At the same time, the passage of all operations, ie the release of goods for free circulation, is 29 minutes,” D. Ergozhin said.

These 29 minutes, according to the chairman of the committee are required to pass through an electronic checkpoint, conduct radiation, veterinary, phyto-sanitary, quarantine and transport control and inspection.

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan