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Saturday, August 13th, 2022

Kazakhstan to improve state media rankings

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by October 19, 2016 Fun

Minister of Information and Communication Dauren Abayev expressed confidence that the state mass media can advance position in rankings of audience and readers` preferences.
Speaking today at the Ministry collegium`s session, Dauren Abayev spoke about the work on transforming the public mass media. “For example, “Kazakh TV” and “Bilim zhane Madeniet” TV Channels are merging at the moment under “Kazakh TV” common logo. The channel will be presented soon. “Khabar 24” line-up has undergone serious changes; the news content was reduced, while production on information-analytical and fictional programs will be increased. The same work will be conducted for all public TV Channels and newspapers. We have to understand that it is a systematic process, and no one promises immediate results. We are confident that in the medium term the state mass media will take high positions in the rankings of audience and readers` preferences,” he noted.
In addition, the Ministry is currently working on implementing new approaches to public information policy. “Thus, the Informational Work Strategy designed includes two key parameters for content forming. It is “Map of Values” aimed at strengthening the spiritual bonds of the society and promoting the cult of family, education, patriotism and other values provided for in “Mangilik El” patriotic act. The second is the State PR Strategy aimed at increasing citizens` awareness of the opportunities provided by the state industry programs. It firstly concerns “100 steps” Nation`s Plan. We are planning to move to the common republican and 16 regional media plans since 2017. For instance, our current information pool operates as per 58 media plans. Their implementation algorithm will be fixed in the rules of information work of central state bodies and national companies,” the Minister concluded.
All Kazakhstan regional centers will be connected to 4G mobile communication till the end of 2017. This was informed at the session of the Collegium by the Minister of Information and Communication Dauren Abayev.
“One of the priority tasks of telecommunication development is to provide the population with broadband internet access. At present, 73% of Kazakh population uses the internet, which ensured the 41st place in the Global Competitiveness Index. In settlements of 10 thousand people the 3G mobile communication was introduced. 4G mobile communication is launched in settlements of 50-thousand population. By the end of 2017, 4G is planned to cover all the regional centers of the country,” the Minister said.
The Minister also informed that in order to reduce the digital divide, the Ministry jointly with Kazakhtelecom and Transtelecom designed a project on rural areas connecting to broadband internet through the public-private partnership.
“This project will result in creating communications infrastructure of new generation in 1,300 rural settlements. It will provide high-speed internet connection to rural schools, hospitals, post offices, various state organizations and public institutions,” the Minister explained.
According to the Minister, the number of OTAU TV users reached 1.2 million as for October 1. There is an instruction to approve a roadmap on project implementation, to make proposals on improving the competitiveness and watchability of the OTAU TV.
New amendments to the legislation on information and communication will be submitted to Mazhilis after being discussed by all interested parties in the first half of 2017. “We are one of the first ministries that put the concept for public discussion. Now, the law itself will go through all the necessary procedures. It has already sparked a wide discussion. Both positive and negative feedbacks will be taken into account. Interdepartmental Commission on Legislative Drafting Activities under the Ministry of Justice has already approved the document. We are currently forming a working group to be consisted of representatives of state bodies, deputy corps, civil society and experts,” the Minister said.
Dauren Abayev instructed to discuss the draft law with population in November – December 2016, and to jointly with working group finalize the text formation by the end of November.
“The draft law, approved by all interested state bodies, should be submitted to the Government until March 2017, and to the Mazhilis of the Parliament – in the first half of 2017,” the Minister concluded.
Last week the Ministry of Information and Communication submitted for Interdepartmental Commission`s consideration the concept of mass media draft law.

Source: Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan


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