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Wednesday, September 22nd, 2021

Kazakhstan to greatly simplify teacher’s job

by March 9, 2017 Key Issues

“It is very important for us to move forward and completely rid the teachers of paper reporting. We do not need paper reporting at all! We decided to go into the electronic format,” E.Sagadiyev said.

Minister noted that all the data required by the Ministry will be placed in two electronic databases – the National Educational Database and the electronic journal Kundelik. Currently, this issue is being worked out jointly with the Ministry of Finance and the General Prosecutor’s Office. In order for these agencies to issue their explanations about that electronic reporting is equated to paper reporting for auditors at all levels.

“If we solve this problem, we will have only one problem with Internet penetration. Of course, Internet penetration is lame, but all schools in cities practically have internet. We have to work on this problem: we buy computers, ask mayors to conduct wi-fi in each class so that teachers do not run from the office to the office,” Minister said.

Also, Y.Sagadiyev noted that his department is working to raise salaries for teachers. Perhaps, it will be possible to reduce the number of hours for teachers this year.

Minister noted that teaching profession is now among the priority. According to him, Kazakhstan will need about 200 thousand new teachers for kindergartens, schools and universities in the near future.

This industry will create new jobs every year. It is enough to compare the number of pupils of 11 and 1 classes for this. The difference is palpable: first-graders are twice as many as graduates.

About 25 thousand new teachers come to work annually. Now, we are focusing on increasing this number. Minister reported on the possible allocation of additional grants for PhD, Masters and Bachelor’s degrees in pedagogical specialties in the amount of 3 thousand seats. While this proposal is being discussed with pedagogical universities and colleges.

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan