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Kazakhstan to elaborate standards for electric vehicles and their infrastructure

by January 26, 2017 Fun

Standards for producers of electric vehicles and infrastructure for such machinery will be elaborated in Kazakhstan in 2017, Vice Minister of Investments and Development Albert Rau informed today at the Mazhilis.

Elaboration of standards begins in 2017; about 13 or 17 standards already exist. We have agreed with business community that they will elaborate the missing standards at own expense. I named only those to be developed by the state. These are the standards for infrastructure for electric vehicles (sockets, etc.) and producers, Vice Minister said introducing the standardization-related bills.

Rau noted the benefits of electric vehicles and forecast growth in their sales in Kazakhstan, although the price is almost twice as high as of traditional fossil-fuel cars.

Our calculations showed that electricity spent per kilometer is four times cheaper than gasoline. Cost of electric vehicles of the same model is about 30-50% expensive than fuel vehicles. It will pay off in three-four years due to the difference between gasoline and electricity. Butnoteveryonecanaffordit. () As a first step we are elaborating standards, secondly will develop infrastructure, since Kazakhstanis acquire electric vehicles � several hundred over the past year. This will develop faster than we think, he explained.

The standardization in the world community is the most important tool of product quality control which eliminates barriers in trade, stimulates economic development, defines industrial policy, increases competitiveness of the product and develops innovation. According to Albert Rau, in many countries, including the EAEU, this area is regulated by a special law.

The bill On Standardization is designed to harmonize the national legislation with our obligations upon accession to the WTO, where we must meet all the requirements on technical barriers in trade. The main part must meet international requirements. Thus, the technical regulation and standardization should be regulated by different legal acts, the First Vice Minister noted.

Source: Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan