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Kazakhstan to distribute quotas for foreign workers by economic sectors

by October 28, 2016 Legal

“Before the end of the year, we grant quota (limit on the number of foreign workers who must be brought to our country) of the economically active population of Kazakhstan. From January 1, we will distribute quotas by economic sectors, because now it turns out that some industries are employing more foreign workers, and a small part of quota remains to some of the industries. Taking the proposal of our employers, we have established that the annual demand for foreign labor will be determined by industry. I think it will be very useful for industries that cover their real need, “said the Minister of Health and Social Development of Kazakhstan Tamara Duysenova during a briefing at the MFA of Kazakhstan.

According to T. Duysenova, foreign workers will continue to enter the country with visas, issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan and Kazakh foreign institutions around the world. Also, workers will continue to be registered in internal affairs bodies. Foreign workers should be of legal age, have good level of education, qualifications, experience and skills to engage in certain activities. In addition, they have to confirm the absence of a criminal record and health insurance.

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan