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Kazakhstan to construct 3 new dams to reduce the danger of mudflow

by October 11, 2016 World Sports

Yuri Ilyin informed that the design and construction documents for the development anti-mud slide protection facilities will be incorporated by the end of this year. This also included the construction of the dam on the Khorgos River. However, the final amount will be known after passing the state examination.

“There will be 3 new dams in Aksai gorge, and Mynzhylky dam will be upgraded, which is located on Malaya Almatinka. Thus, the organizations are working on it. The final amount required for the development of anti-mud slide protection facilities, will be known after passing the state examination. The most of anti-mud slide protection structures were built in the Soviet era, have a fairly long life, but it does not mean that they are not reliable for today,” Yuri Ilyin said.

According to him, the local budget allocated money in Almaty to develop design specifications and estimates for the three waterworks.

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan