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Kazakhstan to close inactive NGOs

by January 24, 2017 Fun

According to the minister, currently one of the drawbacks of the NGO system is the fact that about half of the registered organizations actually inactive. This leads to confusion in the account, the appearance of false information and disorientation of citizens and NGOs themselves.

“Therefore, our task is to bring the system back in order. To do this, all citizens who participated in the creation of these NGOs, should decide to close them or have to start working. Currently, we are in an active outreach with citizens and NGOs, but for those NGOs that do not see the point in its future activities, we and the Ministries of Finance and of Justice are working , so that they could be closed without any responsibility,” N. Yermekbayev said.

The minister also noted that NGO Database will be changed.

“Currently, we are working on it into electronic format. It is a major work which requires both technical and software,” N. Yermekbayev said.

Source: The Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan