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Kazakhstan takes action on fuel smuggling to Russia


Kazakhstan has banned residents of Russia from smuggling fuel in large quantities from the country, Trend reports with reference to Kazakh media.

Thus, the maximum volume that a person can bring to Russia from Kazakhstan is a full tank of their car.

Fuel is almost two times cheaper in Kazakhstan than in Russia. This is why drivers from Russia that live close to border with Kazakhstan use the difference and often go to Kazakhstan to purchase fuel.

According to the media, the information was first spread in social media and was later confirmed by State Revenue Committee under The Ministry of National Economy of Kazakhstan.

Starting from April 2013 countries have signed an agreement on the fact that each year they change indicative balance. This year the balance between Kazakhstan and Russia amounts to zero. Thus, it is prohibited to bring fuel from Kazakhstan to Russia, the report said.

Furthermore, the ban includes both citizens of Russia and citizens of Kazakhstan, i.e. Kazakhs also cannot smuggle fuel from the country.

Source: Kyrgyz National News Agency