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by January 23, 2020 Health

In a ranking of countries in terms of healthcare, Kazakhstan takes the 84th place out of 167, overtaking Russia and Kyrgyzstan, but losing to Belarus and Armenia, has learnt from

The healthcare ranking is a subsection of the Legatum Prosperity Index. The index quantitatively measures nations’ wellbeing in 167 countries of the world, where 99.4% of the world’s population live, and takes into account almost 300 indicators grouped into 65 key categories.

The health rating directly takes into account how healthy people are, whether they have access to the necessary services to maintain wellbeing and disease prevention, and also includes the results of an assessment of the healthcare system, morbidity, risk factors and mortality rates.

It should be noted that in Kazakhstan for the III quarter the volume of services provided in the healthcare sphere amounted to 321.2 billion tenge, against 271 billion tenge in the same period a year earlier.

Of these, 171.3 billion tenge amounted to hospital services, and another 93.6 billion tenge – services in the field of medical and dental practice.

Over the 12 months of last year, health care services rose by 7.4% compared to January � December 2018.

The growth in prices for pharmaceutical products amounted to 8% per year, for outpatient services – 7.1%.

Source: Kazakhtan 2050