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Kazakhstan successfully uses space technology in the development of domestic production

by September 30, 2016 General

It should be noted that these samples are being developed to expand the technical end-user access to products and services of space systems. At present, a number of works have been already made:

– Experimental models of navigation equipment for users using the signals of global navigation satellite systems “GLONASS” and “the GPS” were developed;

– Work on the development of differential stations (DS) for the domestic satellite navigation has been done;

– A pilot batch of DS, which are installed on the territory of Kazakhstan and function in high-precision satellite navigation system was produced;

– A pilot sample of an emergency call system for road traffic accidents in the framework of the decision of heads of governments of the countries of the Customs Union was developed;

– Work on the development of the electronic monitoring system supervised entities within the framework of public-private partnership (PPP) was performed.

The use of its own development in the production of space technology will create prerequisites of technical independence of Kazakhstan in the industry.

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan