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Tuesday, December 1st, 2020

Kazakhstan sends young musicians abroad for internships and training on “Academic mobility”

by February 28, 2019 Health

As part of scientific research, 50 undergraduates of the Kazakh University of the Arts have completed research internships at leading universities in Los Angeles, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Batumi, Baku, Almaty

As part of the Academic Mobility program in 2018, eight students of the Kazakh University of Arts in 2018 were sent to study at universities in Italy, Slovenia, and Spain. Of these, three of our students of the specialty “Set design” went to study at the Academy of Arts of Brera (Italy). 2 students of the specialty “Art Management” went to study at Liulian University (Slovenia). 2 students of the specialties Instrumental Performance and Vocal Art study at the High School of Music in Catalonia (Spain). One undergraduate receives knowledge of the academic mobility program at the Conservatory of Benedetto Marcello with a degree in Composition, said University Rector Ayman Musakhadzhaeva at a press conference in the Central Communications Service.

As Ayman Musakhodzhayeva informed, according to the program of internal outgoing academic mobility in the previous academic year, 13 of our students studied at the Kazakh National Academy of Arts. T.Zhurgenova, and on internal incoming academic mobility, 16 students of the KazNAA named after T. Zhurgenov and the Kazakh Conservatory. Kurmangazy.

Source: Central Communications Service of the Ministry of Information and Communications of the Republic of Kazakhstan