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Kazakhstan received the right to train UN peacekeepers

by January 10, 2019 Fun

The Kazakhstan Partnership Center for Peace (KAZCENT) received certificates from the United Nations and the right to train peacekeepers from around the world on the courses Protecting Civilians and UN Staff Officers to participate in international peacekeeping operations, reports referring to the MFA of RK.

Documents on recognition of compliance with UN standards for peacekeeping courses, developed by Kazakhstani instructors and conducted at KAZTSENT, were signed at the UN headquarters in New York by UN Under-Secretary-General for Peacekeeping Operations, Jean-Pierre Lacroix.

Certification of courses was preceded by a thorough and lengthy study of the methodology for training peacekeepers in Kazakhstan, as well as a visit to Almaty in December 2018 by a representative of the UN Department for Peacekeeping Operations Lieutenant Colonel Said Tafid, who inspected the material and technical base of KAZTSENT, the level of training of instructors and evaluated the content and Curriculum compliance with UN standards.

KAZTSENT is the only full member of the International Association of Peacekeeping Training Centers in the region.

KAZTSENT courses are conducted to prepare peacekeepers for work in multinational headquarters in UN missions. An integral part of the training is familiarization with the basics, principles and objectives of peacekeeping. Much attention during the training of peacekeepers is paid to the issues of protecting civilians, explaining the order and features of UN peacekeeping operations. Many graduates of KAZTSENT subsequently held senior positions in peacekeeping missions, including commanders of peacekeeping bases in the United Nations Mission for the Referendum against Western Sahara, and the heads of the training department of the headquarters of this mission.

Due to the active and successful two-year work in the UN Security Council in October 2018, Kazakhstan for the first time sent a peacekeeping company of 120 servicemen to the UN Interim Force in Lebanon, many of whom were trained at KAZTSENT.

In December last year, a female officer, Major Sholpan Tauishova, joined the Kazakh peacekeepers

Source: Central Communications Service of the Ministry of Information and Communications of the Republic of Kazakhstan