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Kazakhstan plans to stop financing football players-legionaries from the State budget

by April 25, 2017 Fun

The Ministry of Culture and Sport has drafted a bill on changing the system of financing Olympic sports. Under the draft law, it is planned to reduce the allocation of funds for the maintenance of professional football clubs.

Priority Olympic sports will be financed by ranking. They will be determined by 5 criteria, the main one of which will be achievements at the international level. Priority will also be determined by the material and technical base, personnel reserve (coaches, athletes), historical principle (which sports traditionally show good results) and according to climatic conditions. The bill envisages that the body responsible for distribution will be the National Olympic Committee.

For the first time in history, we give the State assignment from the Ministry to the National Olympic Committee in order to develop federations in Olympic sports () This does not mean that other sports will not be financed () There will be no such cases where out of 100%, 40-45% will be allocated for football (in some regions it reached 50% – for the maintenance of a professional club). And the damage was done to mass sports, the sports of the highest achievements, � Deputy Minister of Culture and Sport Saken Musaybekov said at the extended meeting of the Committee.

Professional clubs have their own sponsors (…) We want this law to stop paying the legionaries at the expense of budget funds. If you want to invite a legionnaire, find a sponsor, private money (…) We want to make sure that more priority types of sports are financed by ranking (…)For example, canoeing is priority in the South Kazakhstan region, but it is not involved In all structures. There should be continuity, in children’s and youth sports schools there should be canoe and kayak rowing classes, there should be departments in regional boarding schools, the Olympic reserve training center and the school of higher sports mastery. We want for priority types of sports to be present in all parts of the structure, � the Chairman of the Committee for Sports and Physical Culture of the MCS Ilsiyar Kanagatov added.

Source: Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan