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Thursday, November 26th, 2020

Kazakhstan makes resolutions of complex world problems – N.Nazarbayev


The President of Kazakhstan emphasized that nuclear security depends primarily on official nuclear powers.

“Relations between the nuclear powers are of key and decisive importance for mankind. We are concerned about the tightening of the sanctions confrontations between the US and Russia today, believing that this leads to an increase in tensions between the world’s leading nuclear states. This inspires concern for all of humanity. Today for us it is fundamentally important to prevent the outbreak of trade and economic conflicts into a violent confrontation. Regarding the situation around the Democratic Republic of Korea, we strongly support the UN Security Council Resolution 2371. We believe that a serious platform for cooperation between three nuclear states – the US, Russia and China – can begin on this issue. I am sure, nowadays the time requires three things – global coordination, political will, resolute cooperation”, the President said.

The Head of State added that it is necessary to return the political trust and a system dialogue to the international life.

“For its part, Kazakhstan contributes to the settlement of complex world problems as far as its forces and capabilities are concerned. As you know, five rounds of inter-Syrian talks were held in Astana. They led to a reduction in military operations. Earlier Kazakhstan held negotiations on the problem of Iran’s nuclear program. In addition, it is no secret that Kazakhstan contributed to the normalization of the spoiled Russian-Turkish relations. We are ready to further promote the peacekeeping sector. In particular, Kazakhstan has taken considerable steps and it is ready to contribute further to resolving the crisis in the southeast of Ukraine. We call on the parties of the conflict to find ways to overcome it”, N. Nazarbayev concluded.

Earlier, the Head of State in his speech stressed that the deployment of LEUB in Kazakhstan speaks about the quality of our nuclear industry.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050