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At international division points with China, transportation is carried out as usual. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, the freight traffic doesn’t stop, reports.

All necessary preventive measures are being taken by the sanitary-epidemiological services and railway workers at the Altynkol and Dostyk stations. A headquarters has been created to prevent the spread of coronavirus in Kazakhstan.

“The introduction of a state of emergency in the country did not affect freight traffic. Very serious safety measures are taken at the stations, an algorithm for receiving and sending trains has been worked out, contacts with Chinese specialists are limited”, Batyr Kotyrev, chief engineer of the National Company Kazakhstan Temir Zholy JSC said.

A daily briefing is conducted with railway workers; they are given reminders on preventive measures.

A face mask mode has been introduced for employees; measures are taken to disinfect jobs.

Locomotive drivers are checked by a thermal imager at the entrance and exit. After arriving at the station, railroad workers undergo an additional check at the central district hospital.

The volume of traffic between Kazakhstan and China for 2 months and 15 days of March of the current year increased by 18% compared to the same period in 2019.

Source: Kazakhtan 2050