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Friday, September 17th, 2021

Kazakhstan introduced new forms of financial support to NGOs’ social projects

by January 4, 2017 Legal

As part of the 4th direction of the National Plan – “Identity and unity” – project to strengthen civic identity “Menin elim” has been developed and implemented.

As part of step 87, a number of legal acts changing the system of interaction of state and non-governmental organizations significantly.

As a result, new forms of financial support to social projects of NGOs – grants and awards were introduced. The grants will be provided by the grant funding Operator – a non-profit joint-stock company “Center of Civil Initiatives Support”.

he procedure is governed by the grant specifically designed rules adapted for NGOs.

At the same time, 11 projects totaling KZT 208 million were implemented in 2016.

Since 2017, the mechanism will be implemented by non-governmental organizations that implemented successful social projects. Prizes will be given to candidates on the basis of public offerings and public evaluation of their activities. The election of candidates will be conducted by the Coordination Council for Cooperation with NGOs.

To date, more than 2500 NGOs’ data was collected to form an open information resource – “NGO Database”. Since 2017 it will operate as an open portal ensuring full transparency of local and foreign NGOs.

By the Order of the Prime Minister the National Plan for the development of interaction between NGOs and the state was approved for 2016 – 2020 years.

The main priorities of cooperation – the development of social monitoring systems, participation in the development of local self-government, the further expansion of the industry cooperation between the state and NGOs, enhancing the role of NGOs in the development of culture of philanthropy and social responsibility, interaction with international and foreign NGOs.

The first direction of the National Plan “Social Monitoring” will be developed through the mechanism of implementation of the Law “On Public Council”, adopted on November 2, 2015.

The implementation of the third direction of the National Plan “Expansion of branch cooperation of the state and NGOs” provided increased funding of the state social order by 32%, which amounted to 9.4 bln tenge.

In 2016 the country implemented more than 1900 social projects.

The priority areas of cooperation with international NGOs will conduct annual joint events such as the Donors Forum, NGOs Fair “Opportunities”.

However, to improve the work in the field of cooperation with the NGO it is proposed to amend the law on state social order.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050