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Wednesday, January 23rd, 2019

Kazakhstan increased non-oil exports by more than 20%


“The world is experiencing a slow economic recovery. Kazakhstan continues to increase the volume of exports of processed goods from the beginning of the year. There is an increase in demand for domestic products. Thus, the export of processed goods for 4 months of 2017 grew by 836 million dollars (21%)”, the message reads.

Almost 54% of supplies abroad fall on the products of metallurgy, more than 20% – the chemical industry, about 13% – fuel and about 7% – the food industry. The largest increase was in the metallurgical sector and mineral products due to price increases.

Domestic exporters increase volumes of supplies to almost all countries of the world. China and Russia remain the main sales markets for Kazakhstan’s non-primary exports and account for more than 40% of the share where exports in the first four months of 2017 grew by 21% and 27% respectively. There was an export to the UAE, in particular copper products for 32 thousand tons. It should be recalled that the active work is currently underway to build up trade and economic cooperation between two countries. Also, supplies to the EU countries grow by 8%, namely to Western and Eastern Europe.

Since last year, exports to Vietnam have been growing dynamically, and by the end of 4 months of 2017, exports have quadrupled to 91 million dollars – and these are basically 2 commodities – zinc and lead.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050