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Wednesday, December 8th, 2021

Kazakhstan improved its ranking in Logistics Performance Index

by November 3, 2016 Market

“By 2020 Kazakhstan plans to enter the top 40 countries with the best logistics climate. To this end, “Kazakhstan Temir Zholy”, the national logistics operator, intends to develop the necessary infrastructure and simplify customs procedures and implement transportation information technologies”, the message reads.

In addition, to strengthen Kazakhstan’s competitiveness in the global logistics market, “Kazakhstan Temir Zholy” plans to expand the volume of combined transport of goods. To this end, a new transport product of intermodal rail and air transport � Rail-Air has been developed. This product is an alternative to the existing, but less speed, the supply chain Sea-Air from Southeast Asia via Dubai to Europe. The first cargo flights will be launched in China, Europe, Iran, Russia and Turkey in 2017.

Reference: the LPI is an international World Bank ranking, which measures the efficiency of logistics services along the supply chain. The results are calculated based on the data of the global survey of international freight forwarders and express delivery services. Study on LPI Index conducted by the World Bank every two years and is helping countries to build a comfortable and “friendly” logistics system.

Source: Kazakhtan 2050