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Kazakhstan implemented the Japanese model of civil service

by February 1, 2019 Medical

The civil service as a separate profession was considered for itself by young civil servants from graduates of top higher education institutions – compared to the previous period, the share of workers with foreign education increased by 70%, Bolashak scholarship holders by 13% 3%, the correspondent of

The growth of attractiveness of the civil service for graduates of TOP universities, including Nazarbayev University, was noted. Today, all the conditions for an objective and open selection. Public confidence in the current recruitment system is increasing. For example, last year more than 26 thousand young people took part in competitions for administrative positions. Of these, more than 10.5 thousand (10,732) have been appointed to various government positions, said Zharkyn Tleukenov, director of the State Service Department of the State Public Service for Adolescents and People’s Affairs

He said that in 2018 only 23,761 people were appointed, that is, almost every second appointed person is a candidate under the age of 29. A phased career growth based solely on merit is provided. On the principles of competition by participating in internal competitions over the past year, about 7,000 young employees have been promoted.

Zharkyn Tleukenov noted that with the transition to a career model, today public service is considered as a separate profession. For example, in Japan, public service is built on the same principles. At 22, a young man with a diploma in his hands must make a decisive choice for himself – go to public service or to the private sector. In the future, he will remain to follow the chosen path, developing from within and climbing consistently along the career ladder.

According to his information, in the framework of the implementation of the Nation Plan 100 concrete steps Kazakhstan implemented the Japanese model of state service.

Source: Central Communications Service of the Ministry of Information and Communications of the Republic of Kazakhstan