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Kazakhstan has completed harvesting of grain crops

by November 1, 2016 Fun

According to the Ministry of Agriculture of Kazakhstan, 17.8 million tons of wheat, 3.3 million tons of barley and 347 thousand tons of oats, 63.9 thousand tons of millet, 502.6 thousand tons of rice and 736, 5 thousand tons of legumes and other crops were harvested in 2016.

For comparison. 14.6 million tons of wheat, 2.9 million tons of barley, 278,6 tons of oats, 41.6 thousand tons of millet, 457.4 thousand tons of rice, 830 tons legumes and other crops were harvested in 2015.

Harvesting of potatoes have been also completed and 3460 thousand tons were assembled.

At the same time cleaning of oilseeds continues. More than 1.6 million tons (the same date last year – 1.1 million tons) were harvested for today.

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan