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Kazakhstan created 7 unique centers of green technology

by March 3, 2017 Health

For today, the country has 7 same unique centers in the regions of Akmola, Almaty, Zhambyl, Karaganda, Kostanay, Pavlodar, and North Kazakhstan.

The first Center of Green Technology was established in September, 2015 in Arnasay village of Arshaly district. As the Head Tatiana Nemtsan informed, the center today has become a unique object, within the walls of which the country’s citizens from all regions, as well as foreign participants are trained.

“Here participants have the opportunity to get acquainted with the realized 35 green technologies. During the period of 2015-2016 more than 4 000 participants had been trained”, – the Speaker noted.

In 2016 in Karasay district of Almaty region on the basis of the peasant economy “EcoFermer” together with the LLP “Educational Center “EcoFermer” the eponymous Green Technology Center was created.

“Here farmers, gardeners, greenhouse owners, villagers and others are trained. The purpose of this Center is to show in practice the work of “green” technologies, increasing profitability, reducing costs without causing harm to humans and nature. Here biogas equipment, solar energy, recycling of organic waste with the help of Californian worms, etc. are installed. The main activities GTC are ecoconstruction; alternative energy sources; farming; livestock and crop production; beekeeping; biocontrol, etc.”, – Head of GTC “EcoFermer” Denis Ten informed.

On September 1, 2016 in Kostanay began its work Center of dissemination of knowledge of the public combining “Necklace Green Practician” at the recreation center “Gostiny dvor “Zolotoy Phazan” (“Guest house “Golden Pheasant”). The initiator of modernization and the introduction of innovative renewable energy technologies at the object of operating business is Director Galina Schneider.

“Today this recreation center is an experimental platform of application and diffusion of green technologies in Kostanay region. The main goal of “Necklace of green practices” is creation of steady Zone of development and introduction of green energy in the region and not only, taking into account profitable geographical location, namely at the intersection of highways Pekin Astana-Moscow”, – Galina Schneider during the press conference noted.

In North Kazakhstan region the Center was established by IE “Strelets A.V.” together with the Coalition for green economy in November, 2016, where scientific practical work in conjunction with NKSU on cultivation of organic vegetables is carried out created.

“The main advantage of CGT on NK region is the fact that we were one of the first in Kazakhstan who officially introduced vermiculture technology to recover the fertility of the soil by means of earthworms”, – the Head of CGT “North Kazakhstan region” Andrew Strelets noted.

According to him, products turned out without use of chemical fertilizers proved themselves highly across Kazakhstan and is in great demand at high price.


Source: Kazakhtan 2050