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Kazakhstan containers received international certificate


According to information of JSC Fund of entrepreneurship development Damu, manufacturing of containers to transport different cargoes is one of the main directions of plant’s work. These containers are certified only by the international maritime register of shipping for security. There are several such kind of registers in the world. Plant’s choice felt on the Russian one. During the half-year, the company has undergone the certification and became the only plant in Central Asia, which holds such kind of certificate.

The container transportation in Kazakhstan is behind from the world one against the background of the whole boom of container transportations. It is simpler and cheaper, and better according to several indicators, comparing to wagons, Director of the plant Vladimir Takhtamyshev said.

According to the accounts of the leadership of the company, they will have the guaranteed order for this type of product. This is one more opportunity to strengthen the company. At the moment, workers of the plant are trained in China. The plant will start its production in November.

State support provided in 2009 by the fund of development of entrepreneurship Damu by the programme Damu-Ondiris in the form of refinancing of the credit has seriously facilitated. As the result of which new equipment was acquired enabling to increases the quality and volumes of outlet products, but the main thing is to establish the whole circle of production. This means to develop innovative direction in its activity. All equipment has program control, which makes to be competitive not only by prices, but also by quality with foreign companies. It is mostly reasonable in the background of the recent events, connected with establishment of the Customs Union. At the plant of metal products, they are sure in the competitiveness of its products. That is because of the state support of small- and medium-sized business, the Head of the company said.

It should be noted that Orgtachsmotr LLP has been operating since 1992. Plant’s initial activity was focused on production of units from metal. Plant’s strategy is directed towards sustainable development. In the period of the crisis, volumes declined, and we developed the one direction which is production of warehouse shelves of the A class with the height of 9-10 meters for pilot storage of the products. By taking the credit from the bank to buy equipment, we have established the whole circle of production of such kind of products.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050