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Kazakhstan and Israel to create a joint fund

by April 20, 2017 World Sports

LR GROUP manages its activities through a network of subsidiaries, employing over 100 employees in Israel and more than 3,000 throughout the world. The company’s activities are diverse: vegetable growing, oil production, biofuel, development of poultry farms – chickens and turkeys for meat and eggs, greenhouse complexes.

Currently, LR GROUP proposes to create a joint fund in Kazakhstan. It will be not only a financial institution, but will also implement various projects attracting foreign investors and introducing new technologies, will become a major exporter of agricultural products.

During the talks, Deputy Prime Minister A. Myrzakhmetov noted that the project is mutually beneficial for both sides and instructed the National Holding Company KazAgro to begin the preparatory work. After the calculations made by the joint working group, an appropriate agreement will be signed.

It should be noted that during a working trip to Israel last week, A. Myrzakhmetov met with more than 60 representatives of the business community and signed several agreements. And then a week later, a large Israeli company showed interest in investing, this is a good result of the meetings held.

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan