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Kazakhstan and China plan to lay international highway through EK

by March 24, 2017 General

The project has regional geographic advantages and great potential for development. The international highway will connect the north-east of China, Kazakhstan, Russia and the countries of Europe. To join the highway, for the Kazakh side it is necessary to construct Bakhty-Ayagoz railway with a length of 270 km.

According to the information center of East Kazakhstan region, following the meeting, the parties signed Memorandum on conducting preliminary studies on the construction of Bakhty – Ayagoz section of Karamay-Tachen-Ayagoz railway.

“The implementation of this project opens new prospects. This will significantly reduce the time of cargo transportation and passenger traffic from the western part of China to Kazakhstan, Russia and European countries”, – the Governor of East Kazakhstan region Danial Akhmetov noted.

According to the forecasts of the Chinese side, if the plan is implemented, the volume of cargo traffic by 2020 will make 1.85 million tons, by 2030 – over 3 million tons.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050